Login to your first AWS server

Login to your first AWS ubuntu server

I have described in my earlier post, "How to launch your first AWS server." I have described topic enough along with a video tutorial to start with. So cover that in case you have missed it.

In this post I will give you simple steps to Login to your first AWS server. I have fresh Amazon AWS ubuntu server and we will use that for action.
  • Be ready with the key that your have downloaded from last tutorial. ( <yours>.pem key)

  • Fire up a terminal and given read only permissions to your key. Key should not have public permissions, it will not allow you to login due to security concerns.

  • Type a standard command for ssh login as given :- ssh -i <path to your key> username@hostname

  • In this "username" is server username. In AWS ubuntu case it will be "ubuntu".

  • Next is hostname. It is your server's public IP. So now hit enter and it will ask you to work with that key, you need to say yes.

  • You will be logged in to your server.

I also captured this in video shown below. Hope you will like it.
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