Seven tips for Google Ad-sense Approval

How i got Google AdSense Approved

Hello Readers,

       First to let you know that there is no hack to get Google Ad-sense approved for your blog. Stop looking for cheat sheets & hacks. Google make sure you fellow their guidelines. 

Most of us wonder that how many posts it generally takes to get Google Ad-sense approved. And from my personal experiences from failures & success, answer is, it can not be told. I will tell you my and a friend's story.

He(Friend) hosted a blog and wrote 2-4 Good and lengthy posts. At that time i was having about 18 short - medium length posts. He applied for ad-sense and got it approved. On the other side i have failed 4th time.

So 4 posts vs 18 posts and my friend got it approved. From this real case study i am trying to tell you that don't hold any miss-conception about no of posts in your mind.

I am describing some points that i had followed to get ad-sense approved.

Tip 1 :- Get a Domain and host

It is not a good idea to have blog-spot or WordPress in your domain name. Buy a public domain name and yes you can host it with blogger or WordPress. This will be the first step to create buzz and brand name your are going to build slowly.

Tip 2 :- Choose good Template

Google sees navigation and representation. It will reject if your posts are not properly navigable or even if you are displaying entire post on home page, pagination is good idea. Show only highlights of your posts on home page and let user decide that he/she wants to click and read further. Buy a template or look for good free ad-sense friendly template.

Tip 3 :- Be Realistic & Helpful

Google also says in their policy that ultimate goal of your blog or site is to help others. Your primary focus should not be earning money. You should write something that can help others by learning from your experiences. By this you will slowly have people visiting your site/blog. Good no of viewers/readers are also key for google to identify worth of your writing.

Also put SEO keywords in your writing. There should be 10% keywords in your post to get good visibility on google search.

Tip 4 :- Do not steal & Write Rich content

You will never get it approved if you steal content from other sites. So write original content and make it rich with good grammar and images. Do not have lot of images compared to text. Write in good fashion and easy language.

Tip 5 :- Post Frequently

On the safe side, you should have 10 posts with 300 - 600 words. At least 40% posts on the higher side(600 words).

Post at least weekly. If possible increase this frequency to 2-3 times a week.

Tip 6 :- Apply for Ad-sense

Apply for ad-sense and wait for their response. Their response will tell you about the mistakes you are still doing with your blog/site.
There is no limit on how many times you can apply. So don't fear that you will get rejected.

If your ad-sense is not approved. Read their mail. Check webmaster utilities to test and improve your blog/site and then re-apply.

Tip 7 :- Put the ad-spaces

You need to make ad spaces and put google ad code there. By this google will get to know that how you will display and use ads. Your tip is to have some ads visible on the 1st page without scrolling.
Ads will not be visible will you get your ad-sense approved, you will only see white hollow spaces.

Don't always click on your own ads. It will not be counted and even good.

I have also followed these steps and got my ad-sense approved in 6th submission. But now i know what google needs, from my experience of 5 failures.