Alfresco - how to refresh css without restarting tomcat

Hi Readers,

While working on alfresco customizations, i did some UI related changes directly to
Alfresco -> tomcat -> webapps -> ... .css file.

Now i wanted these changes to be reflected directly. But to reflect these changes, every time i need to restart tomcat.

So if you want to refresh css changes without restarting your tomcat server then you should follow simple steps


  • Go to http://localhost:8080/share/page/index (As your css changes must be inside share web app only.)

  • click on the "Clear Dependency Caches" button at the lower part of the page.

Your css are part of static content in Alfresco and cached by Alfresco. So they are not loaded directly from file every time. There is caching layer inside alfresco also. This caching is different from your browser (Chrome or Mozilla) caching.

So if you clean Dependency Cache then these static things will go and Alfresco will get fresh changes from file.