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Why i started this blog

I have started this blog covering queries, new technologies, technical help and issues that i face. I believe that at some point my solutions can get you out of trouble and save time.

I am a technology enthusiast, i read about latest and emerging technologies. I like to put my views forward and also let others know about it.

I have covered mostly Core Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL and various useful and small technologies etc.

A little later i have also started News Section where i list technology updates from Google, Apple, Android and various first hand sources. The idea is to curate first hand news and make it available
to you.

This blog is for

If you like technology and gadgets, if you always want to know about emerging and trending technologies.
I also put some generic utilities and code help on this blog, hoping that at some point those can be useful for me and readers. Your comments and view are most welcome here.

What not to do here

Please avoid putting unnecessary marketing comments.